"... Amongst the dozens of trainings and certifications I’ve experienced around the world over the last 30 years, this was one of the most powerful. In addition to the effectiveness of practices, clarity of application, safety and depth of container, and heart/body/sex expansion & healing, the facilitation by De’an, Sanna and Susanne exemplified what they are teaching and transmitting, moment by moment. Beyond the wisdom of the De-armouring practices, which in themselves combine the best of both ancient and modern approaches to releasing past trauma, the training was meeting the whole person - mind, body, heart, essence and presence. Whether you’re a professional practitioner already in the field, or seeking your own embodied healing and wholeness, I give this training my highest recommendation."... Rahi

"...I have so much respect and gratitude for the co-creation of this training by the authentic teachers  Susanne RoursgaardSanna Sanita and De'an Matuka.

Susanne is so full of wisdom, experience, patience, devotion, quiet strength and humbleness. Sanna is a skilful, lively, creative, playful being with a huge heart. She is also a fierce passionate tigress! De’an brings lots of firm but also warm loving father energy. He is a serious wall of presence and strength of which no bullshit can get past. Behind that serious wall is a surprising sneaky humour as well as integrity and tender vulnerability. Deep deep respect for these teachers and also the amazing assistants.

I highly recommend this training for anyone that is a body worker, tantric practitioner or wanting to release, melt, reconfigure and transform"... Maria

"...Thank you!
You held a magnificent safe and loving space!
I am in awe of each of you!
I feel full of gratitude!
I am proud of myself!
Thank you to the whole group for being beautiful reflections!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!
All the love! All the love!"...

"...It’s been an amazing deep 10 days at ängsbacka. You teachers are unique and sooo good at your things. Crying a little happy tears and missing you all while I write this. It was such a safe bubble we had. Loved it. Every day new challenges and new deep divings. Energy work and safe present awareness on a new level. Practise practise. Waow."... Louise

"...Have now landed after 10 wonderful days. My body feels like its turning inside and outside. As if the heart and all my feelings are beyond the body. A nice feeling and naked-like. Thank you De'anSanna and Susanne and, participants for your True love 💜🙏  and for the deep meeting. Im so touched 😍"... Linda

"... I learned a lot and your willingness to share your work, knowledge and experience is what i am really grateful for. And for having the opportunity to be there and to receive it all. Because i know a lot of years of work and learning is behind it. It's not easy to teach it in such short time. I felt supported, safe and welcome to be who i am, to ask questions if I had some and to learn."... Dijana

"... For me this training was quite transformative. I was experiencing almost every hour of every day an intense process with myself. I was confronted by my fears, my insecurities, my ego, I became small, I became a child, I felt anger, disappointment and lots of emotions coming/going. My walls crashed and then I was able to reach a pure stage where I felt piece.

It was quite hard emotionally but I think essential for my learning. I feel now I know myself better, and I think is important to be able to be more present when in service to others. Wheel of consent is something I carry with me daily.

Respect to the willingness of Suzanne, Dean, Sanna and the team to demonstrate and be vulnerable in front of the group. I feel safe with you."... Maria


"... The training for me was amazing. I knew what I want from it and I got it. I wanted to relax, to become more of my Self and have fun. And I got it all.

Thank you for mirroring my deepest fear. I am grateful. One quality I am grateful for is empathy. I believe that only staying curious and humble makes you a master. And this is something I also learned from you all. Thank you Susanne for being what I call a ninja of healing work. I felt you are present everywhere, feeling every person in the room and being exactly where was needed when was needed. That only comes from a state of total surrender to the Heart. I want to learn to be that. For me it was an amazing experience and thank you all."... Alex

"... Thank you so much for the incredible experience! I feel so much more able to navigate the interface between my body and my emotions. I feel I know myself so much better and sense other people more deeply than I used to. I feel really good about the whole thing. It was extremely helpful in so many ways, and especially to help me explore my unresolved issues with men.

I truly think that the dearmouring training primed me and cleared the way for this to be possible. I met myself in all the ways I needed to... Hallelujah! So thank you all for receiving me and loving me and triggering me in all the right ways to help me recreate myself. Big big love for you. You all are awesome and I love you. Massive gratitude💜"... Laura

"... I thought I was coming to learn about trigger points and the link to emotional release. What happened during the course went much deeper than I had expected, with an intense process of dearmouring ourselves during the training on a daily basis which led to frequent breakthroughs in the students and to valuable insights into our own traumas and armour, which is clearly an essential step before attempting to dearmour other people. The fast-pace combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice with dearmouring ourselves or receiving sessions, and group sharing of individual processes leads to leap growth in knowledge of self and into the art of dearmouring. Having a trio of impressive teachers from varied backgrounds present is a real treat to students who can resonate and approach teachers in different manners, and learn different flavors of dearmouring from all three teachers, as well as from the skilled assistants." ... Jeremy

..."I've never felt so vulnerable, so opened, so exposed in my entire life. These were the 11 days of greatest learning in my entire life. A plant medicine journey without plant medicine.
Choosing love instead of pain. And I learned to deal with everything that hurts. Thank you for teaching me how to integrate and love my story, parts of me, of my learning, who I am. For showing me, in a very practical way, that all the pieces of me are important and are all beautiful. Thank you for teaching me how to say “hell no” and “fuck yeah” to myself at first"... Monica

..."I’m so deeply touched by this training, I think that words cannot describe the journey I went into myself. I never experienced such a deep level of trust in a training, these amazing souls were holding the space with so much love, which made my whole being feel so save to go deeper and deeper every day.. and deep it went, to places I didn’t even knew about. Remembering, and bring these dark places into the light which hold me back from rooting, seeing trough my (connecting) patterns, meeting my inner light and warrior and so much bliss and juiciness. So much growth and transformation, thank you thank you thank you Sanna Sanita, De'an Matuka and Susanne Roursgaard"... Esther

..."Yesterday I came back from 11 days of travelling deeply within myself.
It has been such a transformation journey for me! To really dive in to my body and face all my deeply routed fears and pain and desires and to come out, with even an deeper knowing of my True Powerful Joyful Essence, Knowing and Understanding and Seeing, even more deeper who I really am!

A big Bow to everyone that supported me on this journey.

And a big recommendation to anyone who wants to learn how to de-armour a body, and dive deep into themselves; I feel a big appreciation for the three teachers (+ great assistants) involved in this training;
Thank you for doing this beautiful and needed work with so much Passion, Clarity, Integrity and safe space holding"... Sarah