Our trusted practitioners near you.

They all vary in skill, style and experience, but they are all 100% trusted by our team, and we feel confident to recommend them to you.

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For me dearmouring is yoga of healing touch, a safe space, where the body meets the psyche, a place, where the touch becomes a call for existential freedom.
The ultimate touch that will approach energy centres and pathways to liberate stored pain and blockages. Individuals and couples can gain in deepened connection. Confidence. Empowerment. Sensation. Pleasure and access to orgasm. Healing from the past and releasing emotions. Everything can come out.
The result can be embodied existence - existence which is in line with the human nature and is free of trauma and suffering.

Location: Sofia

Contact : adidishayoga@gmail.com Phone: +359 87 950 7950



Rune Koch

I offer emotional and physical release sessions using a combination of De-armouring, Totum.dk body therapy and joint release mixed with techniques learned over the last 20 years of self-exploration. I create a safe space with room for you to express whatever comes up and possibility for further guidance and support.

Also I offer sessions during meditations and sacred plant medicine retreats as part of your opening and integration work during the ceremony.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: Leirvikrune@gmail.com, Tel: +45 29727932


Yazmin Børsting

I am passionate about bodywork and dearmouring. I love to help my clients feel themselves and be present in their bodies.

I work with love and Devine energy, and do full body dearmouring and Yoni dearmouring.

I have many years of experience with different kinds of bodywork, tantra and my own spiritual path. I work on the physical body and also with kundalini energy.

I help heal the wounds/traumas so after the session the body if full of life and energy. I use my presence to make my clients feel safe, so we can go deep and release suppressed emotions and blockages in the bodies energy system.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Mail: yazminer@gmail.com

Phone: +45 60937593


Mette Clay Holm

I am a body worker, midwife, tantra-for-women teacher and professional coach. I have a birth-gift access to energies and in the last 22 years I have been working with transformation. Love and presence is my medicine. I honour the sacred space. I honour the space where you can unfold yourself and let go of all that blocks you in life, and all that does not serve you anymore. I have an deep passion for working on energy-blockages caused by or related to birth, either on mother or child. My purpose is to empower people to live there truth with dignity. I work with men and women.

Location: Denmark

Mail: metteclayholm@gmail.com

Phone: +45 27200733


Dieuwke van Duijn

I am a passionate body worker and love to work with both man and woman, offering full body de-armouring and sexual healing sessions. I am specialised  in yoni healing. With my loving attention I create a very safe space where clients feel completely free and trust me to surrender to the process of opening and releasing. I work with high energetic frequencies and make use of different breathing and sound techniques. I work intuitively and my hands know exactly where they should be and how they should touch, usually soft but sometimes very powerful. A session can also be very pleasurable. I guide my clients to a place where deep healing on a soul level takes place. My sessions are experienced as magical.


Location: Castricum, Holland

Contact: Lilithshealintouch@gmail.com, Tel: +31651691609


Katja de Groot

I work from the most loving place, being fully aligned and allowing the Divine to work its mysterious magic. I will help you surrender and allow love & sensuality take you on a journey back home. I will coach & guide you to more body, mental and spiritual consciousness. My intention for you is more empowerment, freedom, trust and truth in your life. I have been an energy-worker since 2008. First as EFT trainer, since 2012 as a tantra-masseuse, and since summer 2017 as Practitioner of De-armouring. And I am a teacher in lessons in self love.

Location: Amsterdam (the north part, close to the Coentunnel, free parking)
Contact: katjadegroot44@gmail.com, Tel: 06-29604137


Marco Jellema

I have been studying de-armouring and tantric / shamanic bodywork with different teachers and courses over time and love to help people grow and transform.

De-armouring has helped me so much to expand, release and walk my own path. I work from the heart to create a pure and clean save space to transform anything in you that may arise. With my strong grounding presence and loving energy, I help my clients get in touch with their inner wisdom, increase self-love, feel their body more and connect with their inner child. A sensitive conscious touch and listening to the body guides me where i need to be. I look forward to meet you.

Location: Heerenveen, Holland

Contact: info@senseyourbody.nl, Tel: 0634344604


Maries Kouters

I am a certified sexological body-worker with lots of experience in the field of holistic massage, de-armouring, breath-work, yoga & emotional release. With my strong  presence, trustable energy and sensitive touch, I bring a grounded and loving attention from heart to heart to all my sessions. By learning to hear and listen to the wisdom of the body my clients are able to live authentically, feel passionately alive, and enjoy their bodies. I have a unique way to unite the body & soul and to create body awareness through conscious touch, using my own energy flow and intuition.

Location: Roosendaal, Holland

Contact: Info@bodyknows.nl, Tel: +31 611322977


Mirjam Ravensbergen

Want to feel free and be you? I love to work with women who feel stuck in life and want to connect with their body, sensuality, feelings and sexuality. In my de-armouring and yoni healing sessions I create a sacred, safe place for you to experience, release and

re-connect. I use soft de-armouring techniques like touch, pressure, sound and breath.

I work from a place of empowerment, so you get exactly what you need.

Location: Leiden, Holland

Contact: mirjam@lovinpractice.nl, Tel: 06-1441 09 47


Nynke Marije Feenstra

I offer body and sexual de-armouring since 2016 to men and women. I am very passionate to serve through this powerful practice. I am a team member of Susanne Roursgaard's trainings in The Gaia Method. My clients have varying intentions: from working with light sexual trauma, to connecting to their emotional body, to integration after a plant medicine ceremony. I work with source energy and my presence that contributes to a deeply held space for your healing. I also work with the Wheel of Consent and offer 2-day workshops with my partner regularly. I am based in Rotterdam and work a few months per year in Turkey. You are welcome!

Location: Rotterdam, Holland

Contact: n.m.feenstra@gmail.com, Tel: +31 643487493


Lili Ljiljana Gavrilovic

I am a Body Worker and a passionate Yogini who has been exploring different types of body movement since I was a child. I have dedicated last 20 years to Body Work, gaining many experiences and learning a lot of techniques. Everything I've learned gives me the confidence to hold a safe space for all the people who come to me with the desire to feel better in their bodies. My main guides are truth in the flow of life, honesty towards myself and others, connection to divine energy and love for my work.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contact: liligavrilovic@gmail.com, Tel: 0038641390572


Annelie Hellström

I love being a woman and I love working with women. I am a body worker who breathes, screams, cries and laughs with my clients. With my support you can reach deeper levels of yourself and heal on a cellular level. I guide my clients to a place where deep healing can takes place. I keep space and give space to explore what is actually happening. My total presence makes you being able to let go off the things that no longer benefit you.
I have a lot of qualifications and experience, but i am driven by energy and to help my clients reach their full potential.

I work with high energetic frequencies and I am specialized in yoni healing. 


Location: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sweden

Contact: annelie@joy4life.se, Tel: +46735933563



Rahi Chun

I love holding sacred space. I recognise how my path of meditation, from Zen to the Vipassana and Kundalini lineages, has guided my journey to the mind, body and spirit modalities which have evolved into Somatic Sexual Wholeness. Listening for how the client’s sense of safety and readiness wants to be met, I combine NeuroAffective Touch, TRE, Sexological Bodywork, Spiritual Psychology, and DeArmouring in service to the client’s intention.

Location:  Los Angeles, California

Contact: Beingtru@gmail.com, Tel: (310) 382-0227