Body, Sound & Breath - Advanced Training, Holland

19 - 23 June 2019

Deeper knowledge of pressure points, use of breath and sound to shift and transform stuck energy, and learning how to read the body you're working on.

This training will focus on:
- Learning specific points on the whole body part by part - belly, chest, heart, neck, head, back, legs (There are many

  ways of touching, and It's super important to know how to touch and where, to generate a steady release).
- Connecting correlating body parts with two hands simultaneously to generate smooth and steady release
- Breathing, and how to use it to enhance the session and help a client reach the depth of their armour
- Use of sound and sounding, and how to use it to direct the energy and help release
- Body reading. How to know what the body is saying before and during the session. Learning to see signals indicating

  state of the client, and learning to follow the body thru it’s release process.

This training is only open to people who completed our Basic Training.


Venwoude, Holland



€790 - dorm (bring your own bedding & towel)

€860 - double room (bedding & towel included)

€900 - single room (bedding & towel included)


19 - 23 June 2019

Start 16.00 on 19th, finish 17.00 on 23rd.

Registration 2-3 pm on 19th.



- Tight but comfortable clothes to easily move & dance in, suitable for bodywork.

- A sarong or blanket

- Pen and paper to take notes

- Large towel as protection for mattresses during some exercises

- Coconut oil for your sessions

To register contact us or send mail to: